Customer Testimonials

Tom from Highlands, NC

I purchased a new generator in January 2012. Prior to the purchase, Allan came to our home and discussed in depth our needs then recommended a generator. Lead time on the order was about 6 weeks, but through that time they kept me informed as they received messages from Generac. The generator was delivered on the day they had told me and installed without any problems at all even though the installation required visits from both electricians and the gas company. Everyone involved was prompt, polite and we were very pleased with the entire process. Best of all, the final price was exactly as originally quoted and with no add-on unpleasant surprises even though the installation was more difficult than originally anticipated. We were pleased with the entire process and are happy to recommend Allan Dearth and Sons.Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-Tom from Highlands, NC

Tim57 from Highlands, NC

We are very satisfied with the friendly and professional service they provided. Very informative and helpful with any questions. I recommend them to anyone I know that is looking for a generator.Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-Tim57 from Highlands, NC

Sandy from Highlands, NC

We did not hesitate to contact Allan Dearth & Sons when we decided to install a home generator. Allan demonstrated ultimate professionalism and expertise during discussions about our needs and wants, as well as recommending the size unit to best serve us; provided an estimate for all costs; and coordinated all entities required for installation of a propane gas generator that automatically comes on after a brief interruption of electrical power. We experience blackouts all seasons of the year, and need a reliable generator to provide electricity during power outages. We were advised to install a bigger propane tank which had to be buried underground due to the severe winters we experience in western North Carolina, thus enabling the generator to run efficiently without undue strain due to "cold" propane. Allan contacted all sub-contractors (e.g. the electrician) and installation proceeded on the schedule he initially advised us. We just signed a service contract with Allan's firm which will go into effect October 2012, a year after installation of the unit. I would not hesitate to recommend Allan Dearth & Sons as that firm has consumate professionals, and completes work in a thorough, timely fashion.Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-Sandy from Highlands, NC

JH Review from Franklin, North Carolina

I want to thank Allan Dearth and Sons for being pro-active regarding my generator. Their two sons were very professional which is a refreshing change from others I have dealt with here in the mountains.Their technicians did good work under less than desirable conditions.I expect to have a long working relationship with Allan Dearth and Sons.Yes, I recommend this dealer.

-JH Review from Franklin, North Carolina